MedLingMap Infrastructure

MedLingMap is built on Drupal an open architecture Content Management System (CMS), which underlies many web sites ranging from to BestBuy.
It provides the following functionality:

  • A database to store, retrieve, and maintain large documents sets and web pages, providing multiple views into the contents.
  • Specific content types for resources, organizations, authors, and references, all linked though a set of taxonomies.
  • The capability to load in references in bibtex format either in a group or individually and annotate them with terms from the taxonomies.
  • User profiles with different permission levels to accommodate viewers, contributors, social tagging, and private workspaces with the appropriate levels of security.
  • The ability to integrate powerful search components, such as SOLR, as well as specific modules, such as the Bibliography module provides automatic links to Google Scholar to retrieve those documents.
  • Web-based to allow easy outside access and compatible with other systems.
  • Extensibility both for more content and more functionality.

MedLingMap is designed to be a living, growing resource, where users can easily add materials and track their individual projects.