The MedLingMap Creators

MedLingMap is being developed as part of the NLP Systems in the Medical Domain course in Brandeis University's Computational Linguistics Master's Program, taught by Dr. Marie Meteer.

Dr. Marie Meteer has 25 years experience in speech recognition and natural language processing. She is an Adjunct Professor at Brandeis University and provides decision support and technology evaluation consulting in the call center, mobile and medical industries. She was VP of Speech at EveryZing and spent 20 years in research and product management at BBN Technologies.

Bensiin Borukhov is a second year Master's student at Brandeis. His research interests include dialog for speech applications and modeling language change and gender.

Mike Crivaro is a first-year Computational Linguistics Master's student at Brandeis university. He is highly interested in designing speech and language software.

Michael Shafir

Te Thamrongrattanarit is a first-year PhD student at Brandeis. His research interest involves natural language understanding, rhetorical structure of scientific documents, and semi-supervised learning techniques for NLP.