To do List

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There must be a module that tracks projects that we could use to create, prioritize, and assign tasks. In the meantime, we'll keep track of them as items in this menu.

When importing bibtek references, it assigns "information extraction" automagically (and inappropriately

• Turku Centre for Computer Science and Department of IT, University of Turku; (+1)
• Academy of Finland
• The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes
• Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield
• CLEF (Clinical E-Science Framework), MEDSYN-DIKATE, MENELAS,
• UK Medical Research Council, Royal Marsden Hospital
• School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh (2)
• Text Mining Programme of ITI Life Sciences Scotland (2)
• School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester (2)
• National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM), Manchester, UK (2)
• Department of Computer Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
• REFINE project
• University of Tokyo, Virginia Tech
• University of Wisconsin-Madison
• University of Tokyo
• University of Manchester
• University of Szeged
• Research Group on Artificial Intelligence Hungarian Academy of Science
• Jedlik Ányos R&D Programme

Why is technical_areas going crazy